Get to Know Me

I’m Kate, and this is my blog.

If you were to ask me what I blog about, I would laugh. Not at you. Rather, at the fact that i’m still figuring that part out. To have a general idea, though, here is a very broad list of what you can expect:

  • Design/Art
  • Graphic Design (and what it’s like to work as a graphic designer)
  • Literature
  • Photography
  • Video Games
  • Inspiration

More than anything, this acts as a branch off of my portfolio site.

While it’s one thing to post your final product, it’s something else entirely to talk about it. For example: your thought process behind the piece, what it took to get there, what was gained from it, how what was learned can be applied to future pieces. And, of course, what a reader might take away from it.

As a reader, you might also hope to have an idea of who is behind the writing. Thus, let’s dive into the typical about me description.

About Me

As aforementioned, I’m Kate. I work as a graphic designer for a company called MindTouch. We’re a SaaS company that specializes in knowledge management; which, in short, means that we help you find answers when you need them. With customers such as Electrolux, Verizon, Samsung, and Cisco, our product is incredibly versatile. Not to mention how kickass our team is.

mindtouch logo with red icon


Prior to my employment at MindTouch, I attended LEARN Academy to pursue web development. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent there. However, I learned in the following months that my heart still lied within graphic design and writing. Coding allowed me to be creative and express myself—though, in a much different way.

Following my time at the academy, I was fortunate enough to intern for the wonderful Rae Lietzau at DoWhop—the marketplace of doing. And the weekend before I started, she was kind enough to invite me out for a hot air balloon ride!


Working for DoWhop was a great deal of fun and a learning experience. I would highly recommend checking it out if you’re up for adventures, making new friends, and creating valuable memories.

Overall, I find a great deal of joy within the process of creating something. To start with an idea and end up with a tangible piece of work is pretty cool—if you ask me.

You can find me posted up at local coffee shops in the San Diego area, or inline at Jimbo’s to buy a bottle of kombucha. Nature holds a special place in my heart, just as Final Fantasy and oversized moogles do (see picture below).

And, that’s me. Designer. Creator. Kate.

Yours truly,